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Wonderful World of Kids has been locally owned and operated since 1982 by the Newton family.

Our Philosophy

Wonderful World of Kids Child Care Center strives to be an extension of the home, a surrogate family. We will respect the parent's right to make decisions for their children and will uphold their beliefs and practices whenever possible. We believe our first responsibility is to the child. We will treat each child with love and respect. We will not physically, mentally, or emotionally abuse the child in any way. It is our purpose to provide professional and quality childcare. Instilling in the child a feeling of love, peace and security. Beginning with older toddlers and continuing through preschool, an independent program is used by Wonderful World of Kids. We believe in teaching independence and that everyone is allowed to have his or her own "space". We give them chances to make decisions and learn how to think for themselves. No child is pushed ahead or held back but progresses, as he or she is comfortable. We must also keep this progress in accordance with state regulations. Education is available but children are not "force fed". Respect for adults, food manners, following directions, physical activity, exposure to arts, physical, social, music and intellectual activities are encouraged. We hope every child leaves us every day feeling that it really is a Wonderful World for Kids.

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